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Green Bronx Machine planting day event and social media promotion

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Let’s Learn Educational Program for Kids
How to create a LawyerGeeks web store
BundleTrack features explainer

Documentary Style Videos

Eric Adams Interview

Conference Style Events

Our video team has worked together since 2011 to create hundreds of TEDx Talks in the spirit of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” We handle everything from planning, producing, directing, shooting, editing and creating post-production graphics & animation. We have produced video at large events with 8+ cameras, however we also enjoy working with the small events with the big message. We have produced events for TEDxManhattan, Change Food, TEDxYouth@MSC, New York Sun Works, TEDxWallStreet, TEDxNewYorkSalon and completed post-production for TEDxZurich and TEDxBasel.

TEDxManhattan 6+ Million Views
NYSW Youth Conference
Change Food Fest