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TEDx Manhattan 2012 – A Homegrown Solution to Hunger A Homegrown Solution to Hunger. Gary Oppenheimer, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

In the early 2000’s, Gary Oppenheimer became a Master Gardener and then a Rutgers Environmental Steward. He advocated for region wide watershed preservation laws, became an environmental commissioner as well as the director of a community garden. Frustrated by the wasted food from gardens nationwide, the “no food left behind” Campaign was created to enable America’s 40+ million home gardeners who grow food to easily find a local pantry eager for their excess bounty.

Local Food, Immigrant Farmers

Local Food, Immigrant Farmers. Michelle Hughes, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Michelle Hughes is the Director of GrowNYC’s New Farmer Development Project (NFDP), which identifies and trains immigrants with agricultural experience to establish their own family farms. Since 2000, the project has supported the establishment of 22 immigrant-owned farms by offering production and business training, land identification, marketing support and a microcredit loan fund. NFDP farmers keep 325 acres of farmland in production and bring local products to 60 farmers markets and 18 CSAs throughout New York City.

Who Pays the “Farm Bill?”

Who Pays the “Farm Bill?” Wenonah Hauter, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Wenonah Hauter is the Executive Director of Food & Water Watch. She has worked extensively on food, water, environmental and energy issues at the national, state and local level. Experienced in developing policy positions and legislative strategies, she is also a skilled and accomplished organizer, having lobbied and developed grassroots field strategy and action plans.

Recirculating Farms: Helping to Rebuild A Healthy, Sustainable Food Culture

Recirculating Farms: Building a Healthy, Sustainable Food. Marianne Cufone, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Marianne Cufone is the Executive Director of the Recirculating Farms Coalition. She is an environmental attorney, and long time sustainable food advocate. Marianne is a professionally trained health supportive chef. She has worked in natural resources management, focused on oceans, fisheries and seafood, for over a decade, in which time she has challenged and helped write and pass many significant state and federal policies and laws.


ETHEL, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Mark Stewart’s “To Whom It May Concern, Thank You” ETHEL, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

ETHEL feat. Blair McMillen – The Who’s “5:15” ETHEL, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Acclaimed as America’s premier postclassical string quartet, ETHEL invigorates contemporary concert music with refreshing exuberance, fierce intensity, imaginative programming and exceptional artistry.

Veterans Food Production Program

Veterans Food Production Program. Howard Hinterthuer, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

TEDxManhattan Challenge Winner!
Following a long and amazing career in Public Relations and Marketing Consulting, Howard Hinterthuer tried to retire in his 50’s but failed. Since then, Howard has embraced his youthful dreams of growing organic fruits and vegetables, creating music compulsively, writing whatever he wants, and caring for loved ones.

New Roads to New Markets

New Roads to New Markets. Patty Cantrell, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Patty Cantrell is a community organizer and a journalist focused on making the business case for local and regional food. As Regional Food Solutions LLC, she works with nonprofit and educational clients to communicate new food and farm business options and public policy directions. She is a member of the Michigan Food Policy Council and a 2008-2009 Food and Society Fellow with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Can a Simple Piece of Paper Change the Way We Eat?

Can a Simple Piece of Paper Change the Way We Eat? Kavita Shukla, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Kavita M. Shukla is the Inventor and Founder/CEO of Fenugreen, a pioneer in the movement towards sustainable, active, natural food packaging. Fenugreen is addressing the massive, yet often overlooked global challenge of food spoilage (25% of the world’s harvest is lost to spoilage each year) with its simple and all-natural FreshPaper innovation.

Blair McMillen

Nico Muhly’s “A Hudson Cycle” Blair McMillen, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Claude Debussy’s “What the West Wind Saw” Blair McMillen, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

The Who’s “5:15” ETHEL feat. Blair McMillen, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Hailed by the New York Times as “riveting,” “brilliant” and as “new music’s torchbearer,” Blair McMillen has established himself as one of the most versatile and sought-after pianists today. He has performed in venues both traditional and avant-garde; from Carnegie Hall, the Moscow Conservatory, the Metropolitan Museum, Avery Fisher Hall, Caramoor, Miller Theatre, and the Library of Congress; to (le) Poisson Rouge, Galapagos, the Knitting Factory, and The Stone.

Why food transparency matters and how can help

Why Food Transparency Matters and How Can Help. Cara Rosaen, TEDxManhattan, 2012.

Cara Rosaen is the Co-Founder of the crowd-sourced nationwide food guide, Cara brought her expertise in health behavior change and experience starting two companies of her own to team up with husband Karl, former Google Android senior engineer, to co-found Real Time Farms. With the help of a crowd-sourcing model, a stellar core team, and an army of “Food Warriors”, Real Time Farms is quickly and richly documenting our food system, so we can easily know where our food comes from and feel good about the food we eat.